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Lita Cabellut - Blood Wedding

Novelty Artist Book

Lita Cabellut
Considered to be one of the world’s
most acclaimed and valued
contemporary Spanish artist. Since
the very beginning, her work has
been influenced by the great Dutch
masters, namely Rembrandt, but also by
Velázquez, Goya and Bacon.

Defined as the portraitist of souls,
Cabellut is a creative genius, a
multidisciplinary artist who works
with various artistic supports and
expresses herself through a wide
range of disciplines such as sculpture,
photography, poetry, visual poems,
theatrical staging and videos.

Her art is defined by her portraits and
her craquelure techniques, which
exudes violence and cruelty, energy
and beauty, passion and desire. Art
in constant evolution, which, with her
innovative Face/Trace compositions, she
unveils the characters and their souls, a
personal style in which the rollers used
to create her graphic work are the true
The Work
Blood Wedding has brought together two timeless geniuses in a creative process lasting for four years, in which Lita Cabellut
has created 90 works ex professo for this edition. The artist has been inspired by the original tragedy to portray not only the
characters, but also their souls, through her personal painting technique of rollers.

The work combines Lorca’s drama with the expressive power of Cabellut herself; an artist book in an exclusive edition limited to
1,998 copies, all signed by the Spanish painter.

The Art Book includes the text of the tragedy Blood Wedding and
the 31 prints especially chosen by the artist.

The Study Book sets out Cabellut’s artistic career and her ties
to Lorca. Also including an in-depth analysis of the 90 works that
make up the complete series of Blood Wedding.

The case recreates the Face and Trace of the drawing The Moon (La luna).        Portrait and soul, two visions of the same image;
two works by Lita Cabellut which upon closing transform into a spectacular carrying case that houses the Art Book within.
Include 3 parts : Art Book, Study Book
And Case-Sculpture
Numbered and Signed by Cabellut
1,998 Copies
The volume contains the complete series
of Blood Wedding: the 90 works that Lita
has created on paper for this edition,
divided into 49 Faces and 41 Traces. The
Faces, the figurative part, represent the
character, strength, action and emotion.
The Traces, created using the painter’s
rollers used by the artists to create her
works, symbolise the soul.
The Study Book features Lita Cabellut
in all her essence. The reader will
encounter an exciting artistic biography
sourced from various articles that explain
the evolution of her work and her
relationship with Lorca.
• Bilingual edition, Spanish and English.
• Cover on 0.77 lb Bristol board, two-tone (board laminated
on front and back).
• Four ink printing plus varnish.
• Endpapers and interior in 0.33 lb White Tatami. Nine stacks of quarter folds
and trifolds, stacks sown by hand using cotton thread.
• 330 pages.
• 11.14 x 14.96 in.
The passion, energy and intensity that
Cabellut shares with García Lorca are
present in the 31 drawings specially
created and selected by the artist for
this edition, which also includes the
full text of the original works of the
Andalusian playwright.

For the Blood Wedding plates, which are
presented in the book stuck with three
dots of glue, Lita Cabellut has sought
inspiration from theatrical tragedy and
goes beyond this point by portraying
the characters and their souls, with all
their lights and shadows.
• Bilingual edition, Spanish and English.
• Cover lined in Regina 9004 with dry silk-screened title.
• One ink printing plus Pantone 1795 U.
• Endpapers in 0.70 lb white Wibalin, with four ink printing and interior in
0.44 lb Tintoretto Gesso. Stacks sown by hand using cotton thread.
• 31 sheets in Conqueror Antique Diamond, embossed, 0.35 lb Superwhite-
Antalis. Four ink printing on sheets, die cut and numbered. All attached to
the Art Book with three dots of glue.
• 120 pages.
• 18.66 x 26.29 in.
The final touch to this piece is its
spectacular case. Two creations by Lita
Cabellut, the Face and the Trace of
the character of The Moon (La luna).
Portrait and soul of one of the recurring
symbols of Lorca’s lyric, which come
together to host the Art Book.

• Metallic bodies with textured black finish painted in epoxy and interior
perimeter frames in black foamed PVC.
• Outer cover with piece of white etalbond and printed with textures.
• Back cover created through composition of painted foam rollers and
printed through different processes.
• Fastening using neodymium magnets.
• 28.14 x 20.70 x 5.66 in.
• 72.75 lb approx. (total weight of the work).
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