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Fernando Botero - Botero’s Women

Novelty Artist Book

Fernando Botero
Artika presents Botero’s women, an art book
of a very private nature which takes the
reader on a journey through the career of
one of the world’s best-known contemporary
artists: Fernando Botero.
The work features 45 drawings selected
by Botero, all of which share a common
motif: they all have women as their
subject, women of all different ages and
characteristics. A multitude of female figures,
every one of them evocative, sensual,
intense, full of life and deeply expressive,
and all of them recognisable thanks to the
characteristic volume that the artist grants to all his creations.

The Work
Botero’s women is an art book that pays
homage to the female form. A limited and
numbered edition, produced by Artika and
the maestro Botero.
The work is presented in a case-sculpture
which features a relief design of one of his
paintings with a woman as its subject. Inside, it
contains two books that comprise this edition.
The Art Book is the main piece of the work.
It is made up of 45 plates featuring women
depicted by Botero, and which show the
artist’s enormous proficiency for portraying
the human form, and the particular way in
which he evokes volume. Mario Vargas Llosa
has contributed an enthralling text in which
he describes Fernando Botero as a modern
The Study Book is an indispensable volume
that will help readers to understand the artist’s
work in greater depth, and to explore the
intimacy of his drawings.
Fernando Botero
Fernando Botero
Include 3 parts : Art Book, Study Book
And Case-Sculpture
Numbered and Signed by Botero
Fernando Botero
Fernando Botero
A comprehensive journey through
Botero’s works, featuring analysis of his
paintings and sculptures by Dr Lourdes
Cirlot, Professor of Art History and a
research specialist on contemporary art.
The volume includes specifi c studies of
each of the drawings, a compilation
of short stories penned by the artist,
a timeline of his life and work and an
in-depth conversation in which Botero
explains his views on art
• Cover in Natur & Halfl innen
natural fabric.
• Printed in 4 inks with two
coats of varnish.
• Interior paper: Tatami White, 150 g,
and Tatami Ivory, 150 g.
• 288 pages.
• 20.9 x 40 cm
This book features the 45 drawings selected
by Fernando Botero. The plates are printed on
hand-made paper, faithfully reproducing the
artist’s original drawings.
In the colourist tones of yellows, blues and
reds that are employed by the artist to depict
women in his drawings, we can make out
the different techniques he uses, including
watercolour, pencil, sanguine and bistre. Each
plate, numbered on the back, is accompanied
by a text taken from short stories written by the Artist himself
• Cover in Natur & Halfl innen natural fabric, with
side fl aps and magnet.
• Printed in 4 inks with two coats of varnish.
• Interior paper: Tintoretto Gesso, 200 g; paper
for the plates: Fedrigoni 140 g, Freelife Merida
White: 34 plates + hand-made paper, 130 g: 11
plates. Plates printed in 4 inks.
• 112 pages + 1 pink page.
• 32.4 x 40 cm
The painting Cabeza (2006) is given
a relief effect which turns this piece
into a highly unique case-sculpture.
Inside the case and you’ll discover
the Study Book and the Art Book
in perfect harmony, forming one
single design, and which reveal to
the reader the fascinating work of
Fernando Botero.

• High-density polyurethane.
• Relief design and fi nish lacquered in green, glossy
and textured.
• Case clasp comprised of neodymium magnets.
• 60.9 x 7.5 x 47 cm.
• 7.5 kg.
Fernando Botero

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