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Jaume Plensa - Plensa 61

Novelty Artist Book

Jaume Plensa 61
ARTIKA presents Jaume Plensa 61,
The artist’s book that invites us to go on a
journey – one that is both visual and
emotional – through Jaume Plensa’s
creative process.

The artist opens the door to his
private world – which he considers
indispensable for creation – through his
thoughts, ideas and reflections.

Produced by one of the most highly
prized, widely appreciated Spanish
artists, the title of the work refers to the
artist’s age at the moment the project
was first conceived.
The Work
Jaume Plensa 61 derived from the artist’s desire to talk about the place where his works are generated, to discover where it all comes from
– his study, his head. It is a work in which Plensa has been involved down to every last detail of its design, execution and composition.

The sculpture has been designed to display the work, as well as functioning as a vessel for the two books that constitute the soul of Jaume Plensa 61.

The Art Book features previously unpublished
images and reflections by Plensa on the creative process that he uses when conceiving a work.

The Study Book, titled Sketches and notes, reveals to us the artist’s most private, inaccessible side through outlines of his works, lists, thoughts, etc.

A limited and numbered edition of 2,998 copies, each one of them signed by the artist.
Include 3 parts : Art Book, Study Book
And Case-Sculpture
Numbered and Signed by Plensa
2998 Copies
This volume, titled Sketches and notes,
takes us on a journey straight into the
private life of the artist; a doorway into his
mind and his way of viewing the world,
through drawings, lists and abstract

Featuring faithful reproductions of
Plensa’s notebooks, the previously
unseen contents of the Study Book
open up the heart of the artist for us, as
he strips himself bare, body and soul. It
is a book that represents the genesis of
the works we can see in the Art Book,
where all the ideas that have passed
through the artist’s mind are captured
and expressed.
• Cover in gloss coated paper 0,297 lb (135 g) printed in 4 inks plus matt
lamination and stamping in matt silver on the spine.
• Printed in 4/4 inks plus selective lacquer.
• Flyleaves in Freelife Mérida White paper 0,088 lb (140 g) and inside pages
in Tatami White 0,253 lb (115 g). Lined with Dubletta 3255 cotton fabric,
hand sewn folios with cotton thread.
• 160 pp.
• 6,49 x 9,44 in (16,5 x 24 cm).
The Art Book leads us – through
previously unseen images from Jaume
Plensa’s personal archives and some
of his reflections – to the source of his
creations, the space where his ideas
are created and turned into reality.

Plensa does not base himself on the
finished work, but on the process, in
which his study is extremely important.
In the Art Book we see the process that
leads from the point when his works
are originated to the moment they are
finally displayed for the world to see,
and, at the same time, we are shown
the wide variety of materials with which
the artist works.
• Cover lined with Convon Senzo White CSE 4407 material, featuring
transparent stamping on the cover and in matt silver on the spine.
• Printed in 4/4 inks plus selective lacquer.
• Flyleaves in Nettuno Bianco paper 0,473 lb (215 g), and inside pages in
Tatami White (0,374 lb –170 g–). Hand sewn folios with cotton thread.
• 224 pp.
• 16,73 × 12,12 in. (42,5 × 30,8 cm), horizontal format.
• White Jesmonite base featuring the artist’s name in relief.
The sculpture for Jaume Plensa 61 is
an original serial-produced sculpture,
expressly created by the artist for this
edition, and which contains the two
books that comprise the work.

The sculpture shows the face of a girl
with her eyes closed, a recurring image
in Plensa’s work, one that accentuates
the importance of the world of dreams,
our connection with our inner beauty
and ourselves.

• Rigid moulded polyurethane with a matt-black mineral charge finish.
• Neodymium magnet fastening.
• Two sections measuring 12,59 × 19,68 in. each (32 × 50 cm).
• 33 lb approx (15 kg approx.), total weight of the work.

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